Shoutbox: [21:50] BertusBaklip: @DoS, kwaliteit is zeker ruk. Razor Edge is het niet. Heb em op raw ook nog wel es voorbij horen komen volgens mij. Anders ga ik stefan zelf maar een berichtje doen.

DaY-már @ Masters Of Hardcore Radio (Syndicate 2010 Special)

Hardcore   Hardtechno

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2 stunning sets from Mrs. DaY-Már herself with a funny interview between the sets about Syndicate, her new album and a few other things.

And this all in one file (multiupload), just for you, the listeners and lovers of hardcore music.

For all of you who don´t want to hear the interview i´ve uploaded the 2 seperated sets packed in 1 rar-archive (zippyshare).

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1. ID (ID)
2. Life:::Runs:::Red - Only Our Enemies Leave Roses
3. ID (ID)
4. Bloodcage - Sacrilege
5. Tymon - Weapons Of War
6. Satronica - Shivered
7. DJ Lem-X - More Drumming
8. DJ Mad Dog - Next Level
9. Arjuna & Beyonder - Shoot That Motherfuck (Negative A Remix)
10. Tones ft. MC Impact - Rip It Up Harder
11. Lunatic & Miss Hysteria - Don't Get Stuck
12. ID (ID)
13. Korsakoff & DaY-már - Screwdriver
14. Satronica - Phuture Destroyer
15. Negative A & Tymon - Extrasensory Perception
16. Tha Playah & Nosferatu - Requiem Of The Fallen
17. DaY-már - Fuckin Motherfuckin Slit
18. DaY-már - Guess What

yobi33 -
emotional intelligence
Yeaaaaaaaah!!!! I love Day-mar  :L
Gen -
Any idea whats the name of the song on set 1 from 4:00 - 5:10 ? Its seriously amazing !
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yeah is goed  :yay:  :doh:
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Archive Added  :thumbsup: