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The Antemyst @ Live On Fly 9 (Locked Floor)


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live on fly set 9 by the antemyst // this time some different kind of hardcore tracks from various years, so fast pitched

Gestemd door: Nielos Addict RavingMilf Animardcore Zero12 h_d3nis ka2e Rollaperni HardeR87
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01. Dj Wicked & Nonasylum - Up Yours
02. DaY-màr - Time Is On My Side
03. Impulse Factory - Rock My World (Bass-D & King Matthew Remix)
04. Tha Playah - Weird Clit (Neophyte & Evil Activities Remix)
05. Kasparov - Lobster Logic
06. The Masochist - Stomp!
07. Bouncemasters - Officially United
08. Nexes - Dedicated To Dancers
09. Dr. Z-Vago - Flying High
10. Ki-Real - Let's Play
11. Outblast vs Dj D - Electro Shocking
12. The Antemyst's live edit (Electro Rocking)
13. Dj D - Beat Is Rocking
14. Alienator - Causin Panic (Dj Paul Remix)
15. Serial Killaz - M.A.R.L.I.E.
16. Tommyknocker - T-2002
17. Outblast & Dr. Z-Vago - Shit Can Happen
18. Catscan - Capture In Distress
19. Human Resource - Dominator (The Stunned Guys Remix)
20. Dione - We Are Still Here
21. Re-Style - No Imitations
22. Dj Promo - Hurricane Brain
23. D-Drive - The Pain
24. Noize Suppressor - Top A Top
25. Kasparov - The Storyteller
26. Division X & Nostal G - Depressed Fashion
27. J.D.A. & Dj Redemption - What The Fuck
28. Bodylotion - Neighbourhood Crime

Zero12 -
every 4th Monday 22CET
so fast pitched  :worship:
Nielos -
Frenchkickz Records Owner
Tracklist is fine and the mixing is very good.
Allot of tracks you've played should be played allot more. Something different then the tracks they spin these days.
Gewijzigd door Nielos op 06-10-2010 14:50
Addict -
wow tracks and wow mix  :yes:
w1nx -
Nexes - Dedicated To Dancers

+1 waard
Zero12 -
every 4th Monday 22CET
yeah really enjoyed this  :beer:

added a usual "like" scener release:

i ask to give us a more quality link
but dont know, have to thanks certain funny person that segnale abuse link to mu, while these are just promotional and personal sets for fun.. ..  :W
zippy delete after 30dayz without dl..

but thanks
h_d3nis -
mane i luv all ya mixes, your hardcore things are  :bomb:

ps: very idiot persons are everywhere.. maybe its just jealous..  -_-  ^.^ dont care about that,
and still keep it haaaaaaaaaard
Zero12 -
every 4th Monday 22CET
Rollaperni -
硬的風格是假的 !
simply awesome tracks_mix_skill  :yes:
Zero12 -
every 4th Monday 22CET