Shoutbox: [14:54] McBong: Well for festivals and events which are hardcore related its absolute shit, especially the south, but in the winter i'm on a mountain in the alps on skis within 3 hours  :p Anyway, thanks for your help, I'll check all the options  :thumbsup:
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Thaman @ Fear FM


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Karl F - Let Yourself Go
Mario Pierroni - Gonna Catch You (Original)
Jeckyll And Hyde - Freefall (Extended Mix)
Dj Basik - Work That Shit
Kings Of Porn - Babel
Steve Dexter Trax Vs Jr. Black - Oh Carmina
Dj Massiv - Join The Unit
D&G - House Of House (Coone Remix)
Steve Dexter Trax - Hey (Main Mix)
Digital Punk - Everybody Got 2 Jam
Thaman - No One Can Stop FF
Meadow Inferno - Back To School
Dj Millo - Crazy
S-Dee - Bang Your Sister (2007 Remix)
Oxley - Bombadrop
Dark Oscillators - Superstar Dj (Dub Mix)
Djanny - Limonada (Max B Grant Vs Djanny Remix)
Da Revolutionists - Postal (Zatox Remix)