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Early Hardstyle

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01. Tuneboy - Eins Zwei Telefunken
02. The KGB's - Arsenic 2003 w/ Droid - Viva Robot (C1P8 Mix) w/ Scope Dj - Shimmy Shaker
03. Ed E.T & D.T.R. - As 1
04. Technoboy - The Whole Tale (Crysonic Mashup)
05. Dj Vortex & Arpa's Dream - Crazy (Max B. Grant vs. Philippe Rochard Remix)
06. Dj Vortex - Incoming 2005 (Mirko Milano Remix)
07. Alphaverb - Mental Disturbance (Disturbed Mix) (Shake The Place A Little More Edit)
08. Klone - Dragon's Lair (Dj Gius Metallic Mix) w/ Donkey Rollers - Motherfuck (Dj Zany Remix)
09. Dj Overdog - Fuck U Up (Kan Cold Remix) w/ Montorsi vs. Tim Hidgem - Love Me 2004
10. Tweetwoof - Meet Her At The Love Parade (Schwarzende Remix)
11. Tweetwoof - Plugged In w/ Max B. Grant - No Good
12. Fanatic Drive - California
13. Rimini Peter & Amaranth - Virus (Dj Vortex & Arpa's Dream Remix)
14. Dj Theo & Louis Brain - Trashin' Madness
15. Luca Antolini Dj - Secret Dream (Hard Mix) w/ Speedwave - The Hardstyle Factory
16. Dj Stardust - The Questions (Crysonic Mashup)
17. Coca - Hammer Head
18. Julian Dj & Davide Sonar - Go Go Go (Bruno Power 2K6 Remix)
19. Dj Zany - Pure w/ Dj Stardust - Stompin Jack Flash

Crysonic -
ThaMaster  :doh: you are such a child...

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Gewijzigd door Crysonic op 31-10-2010 20:35
B-ass -
Love it  :thumbsup2:
Neilio -
Once again a great tracklist, havent heard some of them even  :D
NeRk -
ÑaM ÑaM!
Dj Stardust - The Questions (Crysonic Mashup)
 :L  :L

nice mixxing, in your fucking line  :yay:  :yay:
01. Tuneboy - Eins Zwei Telefunken
I think the HS tag would also fit here
K-Cin -
Belgians do it better !
For one track which obviously has EHS influences ?
alexvdh -
need for koek : underground
real7a -
very nice early #hardstyle music selection #nowplaying
hostage -
really a nice episode man  :)
Epic set as usual, my friend!  :)  :yay:
Makale -
very nice Tracks  :)

Crysonic, please set the recording volume lower  :(
The set has to higher clipping ...
ZeroGravity -
The Heretic
sorry crysonic this set dissapointed me a bit

Next time better  :thumbsup:
kardar -
this was awesome!! eagerly awaiting next one  :L
HbHendrik -
Hard Identity
Is deze nog ergens te downloaden?
Absence -
Ensuna -
Re-Uploaded  ;) (again)