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spinecode @ Vile Incantations From the Padded Cell


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Mix done exclusively for Asylum Promotions for the 'Nightmare II - Hardcore Italia' party on the 22/10/2010. This exquisite blend of smooth, rich Frenchcore & Industrial ear-rapings assure Spiney the prestigious title of Brisbanes Ultimate Punisher. Not recommended for people with pacemakers or other various heart conditions.

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01. I Try to Hate You - Liquid Blasted
02. Scattered - Spinecode
03. Kick n' Ass - D.O.M.
04. R-Top - Randy vs. Alcore
05. Versus - Psiko vs. Gobus
06. Buried Alive - The Speed Freak
07. Hate Missile F1-666 - The Speed Freak
08. Andrenosceptor - Death Syndicate
09. Steppin' Nerve - Detest
10. Death by Stereo - The Sickest Squad vs. System 3
11. Keep Your Opinions to Yourself - Spinecode
12. Fucking New School - Sirio
13. New Level - DJ Mutante
14. Dr. Betruger - The Speed Freak mix
15. Copkiller - DJ Mutante
16. Shatter - Spinecode
17. Out of Control - Deathmachine
18. Black Eyed Peas Rmx - D32 vs. Speedyq'S
19. Prime Cuts - Spinecode
20. Terrorist - The Speed Freak (Producers Terror by Error rmx)
21. DJ's It's Cool - D.O.M.
22. Digtal Jolt - Pattern J

Psychologic -
I played the set before Spinecode, twas a great party with Alien T and Amnesys, if you don't like this then fuck off out of it. Cheers for the set Wovn  :thumbsup:

 :D @ your Iron Maiden shirt at a rave!  =D
FrenchcoreFcker -
Spikey -
How is it that he is an Amateur DJ and a Pro DJ?  :')
Anyway nice set  :thumbsup2:
Spinecode -
Definitely a professional DJ. I'm trying to find where it states that i'm an amateur as I have only ever put anything up as a pro. If you can point it out to me i'll happily change it. I've had a few problems in the past with getting the right info up on this site.
Gewijzigd door Spinecode op 05-11-2010 13:44
Spikey -
Seems they all are right now  :)
Spinecode -
Cheers mate. I only posted this a couple of days ago so maybe it was still in the process of Admin editing.
Spinecode -
On 02-11-2010 15:49:23, Psychologic wrote::D @ your Iron Maiden shirt at a rave!  =D

I'll go for a Fleetwood Mac one next time.
hardcorerepublic [Moderator] -
nice  :L
100-NED -
Quite nice records  :thumbsup: but there's lot of mistakez with EQ!!  :thumbsdown:
100-NED -
1st two or three traxx have phat bass but later is getting worst 'cuz bass waz too "low".  :X
100-NED -
Generally U made fuckin' NICE tracklist so be proud of thiz record!  :D  :yay:
Spinecode -
Yeah. I think that has been due to the high pitching speed of the tracks as I moved on. It tends to take a lot of the PUNCH out of the tracks. Lately I have been trying my best to keep the tracks pitched close to their regular speed. It can be tricky when you are making a jump of approximately 10bpm between one track and the next. Thanks for the kind criticism though.
Dehumanize -
Sounds fine to me. Seriously. Nice work.
Bass is very full all the way through. Maybe one or two tracks if I really wanted to be ultra critical but I wouldn't have noticed if I wasn't looking for it. Buy some new speakers NED.
 :beer:  :beer:
100-NED -
I don't need nu speakerz... Spinecode write that he has been use to high pitch and that's the problem.

BTW this set is good 4 me, but have mistakes. THE END!  :thumbsup:
100-NED -
BTW 1st's track title is "Russian Frost" n't "I try to hate U". From the same release, but b2 not a2. :P
Spinecode -
Each to their own opinion guys. I'm cool with that. Criticisms help us to get better. All in all i'd prefer to do a mix from start to finish in one try and have mistakes then stop & start/cut & paste all the tracks to make an edited and fake mix.

They must have put the labels on the wrong sides again. My record says that side A2 is "I Try to Hate You" (The Logo side on Psychik Genocide records is the B-side.)
Spinecode -
You're right NED. It is "Russian Frost". They did put the labels on the wrong damn side.  :thumbsdown: