Shoutbox: [27-10] McBong: Does someone know where the background synth from detest's final prayer comes from?

Dyprax @ Masters Of Hardcore Symphony of Sins


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01. Despairful Tomorrow - And Hell Followed (Crucifier Remix)
02. Nosferatu & Ophidian - Physiatric Ass
03. DJ Mad Dog - So What About The...
04. Dyprax - Blast Them Out
05. Art of Fighters - Do Or Die
06. Negative A vs J-Roon & Kosmix - Trash Talk
07. Outblast Vs DJ D - Electro Shocking (Dyprax Remix)
08. Dione - Life's A Bitch
09. T-Junction & Dyprax - Religion of the beast
10. ID
11. Dyprax - Fuck Your Pride
12. Hellfish - All My Friends Are Dead
13. Dyprax & Angerfist - The Pearly Gates
14. Negative A & Counterfeit - Ritual Killing
15. Tommyknocker - Nocturnal Rituals (Tieum Remix)
16. Tommyknocker - Sometimes

.CrazyCoconut -
ιllιlı. ıl.lılıl
Tha Watcher gebruik ook elke keer zn kut zinnetje..
From the front to the back en weet ik wat ie allemaal zegt :P

Achja, lekker setje hoor  :D
masterpitbull -
echt een lekker setje wou dat ik er was
Frostbite -
06. Negative A vs J-Roon & Kosmix - Trash Talk
>>> 06. DJ Juanma - Good For You
Nightmare_Dj -
Stalker of your dreams
09.T-Junction & Dyprax - Religion of the beast

also if to say the truth, the set of Dyprax started with Dephts of sins,then he was playing Vor from Hellsystem, but there has been some technical problem, he stopped it and re-started it with his rmx of Electro Shocking, that he played again later..
javi_centralero -
before the song (electro shocking rmx) appears this: DJ Juanma - Good for you
RogeRi -
Cut the midrange. Drop the bass
He started with Depths Of Sins indeed. Dyprax was best artist of the night in my eyes  :)

Hij schopt het nog ver!
Pietjuhhh -
On 07-11-2010 21:02:53, RogeRi wrote:

He started with Depths Of Sins indeed. Dyprax was best artist of the night in my eyes  :)

Hij schopt het nog ver!

Helemaal mee eens! Vette set heeft hij neergezet.
-michaelhughes [Set Editor] -
was a shame that the stream fucked at the very beginning  :(

started with a great track then the stream fucked.

but still i think it was a good set, was alot better than i expected anyway  =D!
JNKz -
hardcore 4 life!
magic set,
uff some oldies not shit mainstream only.
matjuh -
and again.... Number 10 = Norepine Ft. Kali DTS - Let's Begin

zeb -
Download link added