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01. Nagoom - In My Mind [DOUBLE DANCE]
02. Outsiders - Infectious (Alpha Twins Remix) [PAINT IT BLACK]
03. A-Lusion - Be Yourself [SCANTRAXX]
04. Unknown Analoq - M.F.G. (Motherfuckers Go!) [MIDIFY]
05. A-Lusion - Freeek It Up [SCANTRAXX]
06. Zany & DV8 - Nothing Else Matters [FUSION]
07. Tornadozzer - Addicted To Hardstyle
08. Rushtex - The Exorcism Of Chucky (Alpha² Remix) [GREAT BRITISH HARDSTYLE]
09. Heavyhands - Let It Be (End Of The Budget Mix) [GREEN FORCE]
10. The Hose - The Pressure [BLQ]
11. Wild Motherfuckers - Dirty Fother Mucker (Reload’s Mashup) [CDR]
12. Tatanka - Mess Up [ZANZATRAXX]