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Wavolizer @ Theracords Radio Show 102 (Dark Special)

Industrial Hardcore   Hardstyle   Hardcore

Toegevoegd door: Opperhoofd @
Laatst gewijzigd door: Hansolo @

Bestandstype: 320 kbit MP3
Lengte: 01:00:02

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Gestemd door: ETB Geck-o EviLiv Opperhoofd Dakpan Gerome91 ZeroGravity dreos1337 Pluiz lawless29 Knomo loser Orbi kardar A-BASS DjThera Double-T Jubka Billy-Balzak vbalazs UnholyMessias Backstab steviedoyle Nilles Crysonic Caution_Raw nICo EdwinH4L greg4850 Piet-R76 seaNNN Darkstorm Xerxes chicomaster Neerhof M0rtenK Heet DelugeOfSound mockingman Krisiek82 ThreatToSociety Vioda Josh-T stiba Siupak Legolas TheUnit Dr3amcatch3r HopHop balons sony7.1 lamtak gero lucswinkels JNKz CowseN ThaDjMurree Hansolo hardstyl3MF View all ratings
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1. The Beholder & Balistic ft. Max Enforcer - Bigger, Better, Louder!
2. High Voltage - Bombs Away
3. Teknoid - Edge Of Darkness
4. Geck-o - Smash The Alliance (Wavo-Mashup)
5. Chris One - Scum
6. Mind Hunterz vs. The Phuture Boy ft. Mr. Eyez - Skanks (Carnifex Remix)
7. The Outside Agency - Hidden Strengths
8. Promo - Nightfall
9. Tymon - Weapons Of War
10. Negative A vs. Counterfeit - Hypnotize The Weak
11. E-Noid - Stringent
12. Mindustries - Frequency
13. D-Passion - Power of Fear
14. CAP - This is Not War
15. The Outside Agency & Switch Technique - Senseless Society
16. The Outside Agency - Pure Darkness
17. DJ Hidden - Times Like These VIP
18. Tymon - Desolation
19. The Outside Agency - Waste Management
20. The Outside Agency - The Flux Capacitor

Snifobiah -
jammer vabn de hardstyle  :thumbsdown:, maar voor de rest wel lekker mixje  :thumbsup:
Crysonic -
On 08-12-2010 21:18:35, Opperhoofd wrote:

Crysonic could you please stop changing the genres.

You're doing it all wrong you PC mixing loser.

You just made up a rule, that doesn't mean it's an official rule moron.  :bye:

greg4850 -
Fear.FM Resident DJ
On 08-12-2010 21:18:35, Opperhoofd wrote:

Crysonic could you please stop changing the genres.

The genres are good now  ;)
DjThera -
Added a Theracords link --> BETTER QUALITY
balons -
one of best sets in this year  :L