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01. d'Stylerz - The Absence Of Sound
02. Return Corps & Hollow - Wrong Frequency (Dj Zany Remix)
03. Tatanka - Borderline (Parto Mix)
04. The Raiders - Disk Warrior (The Nasty Boyz Remix)
05. Sylenth & Glitch - Music In You (Scope DJ Loves The Reverse Bass Remix)
06. Wildpitcherz - Clear Your Mind
07. Ran-D - River Of Sound
08. The Beholder Meets DJ Zany - Euphoria
09. Dozer - Reverse
10. DJ Activator & Francesco Zeta - Fear & Dark
11. Crixus Meets W4cko & Cartesis - Act Of Union (Oxygene's Different Kick Mix)
12. The Navigator - Another Shout (Mix 1)
13. The Raiders - A Feeling
14. Equal Mindz - Carpe Diem
15. Urisk & Vitani Meet Glowiej - Vibes 2.0
16. Sylenth & Glitch - Your Choice
17. Zany Ft. Noisecontrollers - Delomelancum
18. Donkey Rollers - Voice Of Conscience
19. Showtek Ft. DV8 - Hold Us Back
20. D-Block & S-te-Fan - Guilty
21. Project One - Raiders Of The Sun
22. Oxygene - Één Grote Rotzooi (Opzich wel hard Mix)

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19. Showtek Ft. DV8 - Hold Us Back  :cry: