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Renato Tankis @ Orgasmatron

Hardtrance   Techno   Early Hardstyle

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lawless29 -
Riding along, singin a song.....
oldschool this is  :worship:
Awesome set!  :yay:

Kai Tracid - 4 just 1 day  (L)
Audioholik -
01- Tankis and Savietto - Outrageous (Original Mix)
02- Marc La Cruz & Ace Da Brain - Eriel (Marc La Cruz Mix)
03- Kai Tracid - 4 Just 1 Day (Energy Mix)
04- Sa.Vee.Oh - Global Anthem
05- ID
06- Fallout Boy - Hallucination Generation (Uberdruck Remix)
07- Albert Vorne - Indigo Sky (Tankis and Savietto Remix)
08- ID
09- JamX and DeLeon meets Tom Wax - Louder (Hennes and Cold Remix)
10- Out Of Grace - 140 BPM (Original Mix)

Desperatly searching for the ID's, please someone help! Especially no.2

Thanks in advance  :)
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New downloadlinks added
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still searching for that second track of the set, please anyone!

QonFuzion -
The second track is Marc La Cruz & Ace Da Brain - Eriel (Marc La Cruz Mix), released on Venom Recordings in 2002. Fantastic track!
I don't know the other ID's, but Eriel is the best of them anyway. :P
Audioholik -
Awesome, thanks man!