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Microgun & Kopfschrank @ Hardcore Nein Mann Frenchy


Toegevoegd door: T.I.T.Salmai @

Bestandstype: 128 kbit MP3
Lengte: 00:33:48

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X-Mas Frenchy Battle and a Happy New Year mix !

Kopfschrank vs Microgun^^

no cuntcore  ;)

Gestemd door: T.I.T.Salmai MicroClown vbalazs Krank-Im-Kopf Sign_X purogenerator Knocks Constantine [deleted user] RavingMilf Blazed LoAn Linda7-8-88 X-Blast Maynor [deleted user] EarlyBirdy
Favoriet van: T.I.T.Salmai MicroClown Sign_X [deleted user] Sound-Addicted terreurpoes [deleted user]


01 Kryptonik - System Destroy
02 Kryptonik - Painkiller
03 Al Core - Neverending Day
04 Suburbass - Intergalaktek
05 Al Core - Dr. Mutilator
06 Radium - Fuckin Around
07 Maynor - Countdown
08 DOM vs X-Fly - Ultimate Destruction
09 Komprex vs D-tox - Rave Against a Machine
10 D-Tox - Nothing Survives
11 DOM vs X-Fly - Blood War
12 Komprex - Waste Of Misanthropy

Krank-Im-Kopf -
Rave Against The Machine Vinyl  :worship:

DOM vs X-Fly - Blood War  :yay:  :yay:
My Track for the travel to Goliath  :D
Sign_X -
Nekrolog1k -> My Religion !
Yammi Yammi  :yum:

thats nice  :thumbsup2:
Evilness -
Yes! Nice one  :yay:
T.I.T.Salmai -
yeah ty  ;)  :beer:
Blazed -
System Crash!
Frenchcore  :thumbsup2:
Gewijzigd door Blazed op 26-12-2010 12:30
T.I.T.Salmai -
On 26-12-2010 12:30:22, Blazed wrote:

Frenchcore  :thumbsup2:

the best one  ;)
Linda7-8-88 -
Nice mix guys!!  :thumbsup2:
T.I.T.Salmai -
On 26-12-2010 16:58:09, Linda7-8-88 wrote:

Nice mix guys!!  :thumbsup2:

thank you  ;)
MicroClown -
Gunz Up !
Thanks to all  ^.^  :thumbsup2:
Maynor -
Cool, my track is in the mix.  :D Nice!
T.I.T.Salmai -
On 27-12-2010 19:40:10, Maynor wrote:

Cool, my track is in the mix.  :D Nice!

of cource from you  ;) fett track  ;)