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Pirate Mind @ The Harder View Podcast 16


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Pirate Mind (Pierre Curcio) is a great new talent, rising through the ranks of the Frenchcore scene at a very fast pace. Pierre had his first releases through his own Necrosociety label in 2006 under the alias Anarchi3. During 07/08, Pierre released some more work as Anarchi3 through various labels, and in 2008 the Pirate Mind alias was unleashed. Pirate Mind has releases through labels such as Hardcore Deluxe, Distorted Mind and Psychik Genocide. Pierre has provided our listeners here at The Harder View with a stomping Frenchcore set, and I hope our fans enjoy it.

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1. Al Core - Mr Mutilator
2. Radium - Hardcore Polizei
3. Radium - Agent Of Chaos
4. Radium - Justice for all
5. Radium - No Brain Required (Pirate Mind Remix)
6. Pirate Mind - Social Master
7. Radium - Dead Runner
8. Radium - Fuckin Around
9. The Speed Freak - Paranoia
10. The Speed Freak - Faster Louder (The DJ Producer Remix)
11. Scratch Deal-A - Born Revenger
12. The Speed Freak - We Shall Never Surrender (Radium Remix)
13. The Sickest Squad - In-Ctrl
14. Pirate Mind - Satisfied Or Refund
15. Cemtex - The End
16. Pirate Mind - Sex-Drug-Frenchcore
17. The Sickest Squad - Hard Abuse
18. Pirate Mind & Tortue - HP Shit

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