Shoutbox: [28-09] hardcorerepublic: wel zo simpel en rustig

Ruthless @ Hard Bass 2011

Early Hardstyle   Hardstyle

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01. Hardstyle Masterz - Age Of Reverse Bass
02. The Kgb's - The Disco Fan
03. Showtek - Seid Ihr Bereid
04. Donkey Rollers - Motherfuck
05. Donkey Rollers?
06. Scope Dj - Lockdown

Morango -
What is real?
On 15-02-2011 14:20:34, EviLiv wrote:


uhmmmm sorry serious question....... u really think bioweapon would use that track in a warm up mix?  :')

if sooo lol at ye unknowing ass LOOOOOOL  :clown:

of course not  :doh:

before Hard Bass 2011 broadcast they were playing the 4 Warm-up mixes. and also Ruthless wasn't announced earlier. i wasn't listening, cause i've had already listen to Bioweapon's Team Blue Warm Up Mix, but waiting for the 23h  :slow:
EviLiv -
On 15-02-2011 14:28:23, Opperhoofd wrote:


Tbh: THAT was THE reason for erasing!

I really thought it was the standard broadcasting.  =]

ye its not ur music knowledge i question now  :W
lamtak -
Combobreaker Podcast
Awesome set, best of the night imo  xD
Shame not more was recorded.
Hektor -
Zuigen, kreng!
Nice to have heared The Lockdown again.