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Mental Wreckage @ The Harder View Podcast 20

Industrial Hardcore

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Mental Wreckage (Lody Koehorst) is an industrial hardcore producer and DJ, who is one of the founders of the Neophyte sublabel, Symp.tom Records. Mental Wreckage has been active in the hardcore scene since releasing his first solo vinyl on Symp.tom in 2004. During his career Mental Wreckage has worked with some of the leading names in the industrial hardcore scene including Moleculez, and also collaborates with The Relic as Dual Mechanism. Lody has also remixed tracks for artists such as the Meccano Twins and Neophyte.

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01. The Outside Agency – Hidden Strengths
02. Syndemic – 17th Floor Nights
03. Enginoir – Sanity Is for the Weak
04. Sound Abuse – Fire Still Burning
05. Leeloo – French Bitch (Polish Bastard Remix by Moleculez)
06. Mental Wreckage & Syndemic – Out of Light
07. Cubic Nomad – World Enders
08. Dep Affect – Spine Sparkler
09. Synapse – Primal & Pure
10. Mental Wreckage – Secret Government
11. Tymon – That’s Why
12. Moleculez & Mental Wreckage – Rawk & Roll
13. Moleculez & Mental Wreckage – Consumed by Corpses
14. Sei2ure – Decompression
15. Mindustries – Facerocker (The Immobilizers VIP)
16. Mental Wreckage – Unusual
17. Dual Mechanism – Sociopath
18. Razor Edge – Zeta Reticuli
19. The Relic – Industry Decay (Brutal Makeover by Mental Wreckage)
20. The Outside Agency & Tapage – Industrial Cooking Spray
21. N-Vitral – Return of the Lo-Fi Death Crew
22. Moleculez & Mental Wreckage – Crushed by Noise (Part 1)
23. Switch Technique – Exo
24. Deathmachine – Descent
25. Sarin Assault & Fiend – Devil on Earth (Lost Deadline Remix by Mental Wreckage)
26. The Ouside Agency – Our Fear

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Are you a brother of Vhals?
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THV you meant,and anyway mediafire is better then rs,you see more ppl prefer it,and sonic didn't add it and started with mirroring instead of using original link  :thumbsdown:

THF, THV same thing.

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Are you a brother of Vhals?

vhals and vbals?
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Why is it any of your business at all?

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descent session,kicking one  ;)
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Thanks, but I don't know if that's neccessary. I'm always keeping 1 podcast/mix/liveset at a time @ my Soundcloud... because of the limited amount of playtime it gives  ;)

In other words; when I have a new podcast, this one will be gone.