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HardT3K-Tic @ French connections

Hardtek   Frenchcore

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Lengte: 00:50:00

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1. Joebart - Jump to Survive
2. Meid - Doogy Dogy
3. Riko - Boogie Down
4. Roms aka Harry Potar - Captain Fame
5. Riko - Y.O.Y.O
6. Roms aka Harry Potar - Juvet Mean
7. Mitosis - Pinky & The Brain
8. Roms aka Harry Potar - Copycat
9. Merkurius - Im The Fuck You Man
10. Psiko - Upriser
11. D-Tox - Nothing Survives
12. DJ Sirio - Control Your Power
13. The Sickest Squad ft.Lenny Dee - The Next Dimension Of Sound (Original Mix)
14. D-Tox - Chemical Afterglow (Original Mix)

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