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AK47 @ Chase Mix 10 - Organic Bullet In Your Head

UK Hardcore   Industrial Hardcore

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Lengte: 01:09:00

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[Chase Mix 10] – AK47_BudBurNerZ : Organic Bullet In Your Head

"After 4 years of sleep, The Mixes section of Chase Records gets a new start for 2011. I’m happy to offer a solid Hardcore set from french DJ, AK47 [ BudBurNerZ / Party Uniq ] for free download. This set was waiting on my hard disk for… well… wait a minute… why the hell this first choice weapon wasn’t released before?! Honestly, I have no coherent answer but now, the wait is over! This set was recorded a few years ago and gathers a great mixture of early 2000’ midtempo industrial Hardcore, UK Hardcore, Breakcore, old school stuff and Terror. AK47’s skills behind the decks need no presentation: expect clean and sharp mixing, perfect beat matching and accurate cuts during these 69 minutes of hard hitting electronic music."

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11. Budburnerz - Burp! Too Much Bud (Enthropy Hardcore Brigade Remix)
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darklime.carnage -
this set is interesting because of it's variety of genres  ^.^
Sm0keythebandit -
It's backwards!
Bud Burnerz  :worship:

part of the oldschool Epileptik Hardcore France crew  :worship:
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SC link added  :thumbsup: