Shoutbox: [10:08] DelugeOfSound: Skiing is dope tho. I remember when I worked in Norway for a few months, I had a rental house that was practically at the end of a ski slope. Snowboarding after work was pretty neat

Snobo @ Videography Space Textures


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A live DJ mix @ Videography : Space Textures III event in Riga, Latvia, as part of annual White Night festival, 12.09.2009. It's a conceptual and epic blend of organic microsound design with modern classical, a.k.a. neochamber, pieces.

The whole event took place in city circus, with 3 huge video screens hanging from the ceiling, musicians performing from the entrance to the arena, VJs from the orchestra balcony, and the audience both sitting in circles and walking/dancing across the arena. Add an aroma of might animals leaking from behind the scenes. Quite an extravaganza.

Styles: Microsound, Electroacoustic, Sound-Design, Ambient, Drone, Glitch, Classical Chamber, Neochamber.

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0:00:00 Ensemble "For Good" (Ensemble, Fat Cat, FATCD44)
0:01:29 Jean-Luc Herelle "Two Herds of Cows Mix, a Thunder-Storm Threatens" (Pastoral Bells, Sittelle, 30005-2)
0:03:44 Alva Noto "Flashforward" (For, Line, Line_026)
0:06:46 Jasper Leyland "Taken" (Wake, 12x50, Carbon Series 5)
0:12:27 Jasper Leyland "Worth Ash" (Little Things, Flau, FLAU04)
0:14:16 Jimmy Behan "Awake" (The Echo Garden, Audiobulb Records, AB020)
0:17:19 Molly Berg + Stephen Vitiello "Variation 2" (The Gorilla Variations, 12k, 12k2013)
0:22:02 Koen Holtkamp "You Mean The World To Me" (Field Rituals, Type, TYPE035)
0:24:33 Fennesz + Sakamoto "Glow" (Cendre, Touch, Tone 32)
0:28:02 Tape "A Bell Made of Bones (Stephan Mathieu remix)" (Operette, Cubicfabric, cubicf03)
0:31:46 Taylor Deupree "Midlight" (January, Spekk, KK001)
0:35:29 Henning Schmiedt "3 Teelöffel Backpulver" (Klavierraum, Flau, FLAU06)
0:39:32 Andrey Kiritchenko "Let Oneself In" (Misterrious, Spekk, KK: 017)
0:42:34 Dakota Suite "Een Langzaam Lekkende Wond (Swod remix)" (The Night Just Keeps Coming In, Navigators Yard, NY001)
0:47:09 Tomasz Bednarczyk "The Sketch" (Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow, 12k, 12k1055)
0:51:25 Sonic Youth "Providence" (Daydream Nation, Geffen, GED 24515)
0:53:47 Peter Broderick "Film Score Outtake 3" (Five Film Score Outtakes, Secret Furry Hole, SFH 003)
0:58:11 Library Tapes "Fragment V" (Fragment, Kning Disk, KD049)
0:59:40 Amina "Skakka" (Animamina, The Worker's Institute, TWI 1)
1:03:19 Jonsi & Alex "Happiness" (Riceboy Sleeps, Parlophone, 50999 963002 2 0)
1:10:24 Peter Broderick "Part 4: The Dream" (Music For Falling From Trees, Erased Tapes Records, ERATP15CD)
1:14:50 Jacaszek "Rytm To Nieśmiertelność II" (Treny, Miasmah, MIACD007)