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Maximumraver @ LSDB Tournament 2011 Round 2


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Laatst gewijzigd door: Maximumraver @

Bestandstype: 320 kbit MP3
Lengte: 00:43:22

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My set for round 2 of the LSDB Tournament  :)

Feedback, comments, ratings appreciated.

Also, if you would like to support me, you can follow,like,fan me here:

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1. DJ Sharpnel - That Japanese Track (Noiserave Remix)
2. The Sickest Squad - In-Ctrl
3. DJ Sirio - Corrupt
4. The Sickest Squad - Discoballs
5. The Speed Freak - Nukem Now! (Noiserave Version)
6. The Speed Freak - Gunja-Sex Weemix
7. The Sickest Squad - Hard Abuse
8. The Speed Freak - 8-bit Cheese (Hardcore Haters Mix)
9. Frazzbass vs The Sickest Squad - Street Fighter
10. The Speed Freak - Weapons Of Mass Confusion
11. AleX Tune - Land Of 250BPM
12. Frazzbass vs Exagon - Supermario (Anti Remix By Exagon & Da Boomer)
13. Exagon & Da Boomer - Dis-co Shit!

HardT3K-Tic [Set Editor] -
erik -
Terror-Japper -
 :worship:  :bomb: Eigenlijk niet anders als verwacht! Gewoon weer een goed en lekker setje neergezet door onze brabantse man  ;)
Maximumraver [Set Editor] -
aka Sloperij Janssen
De brabantse man doet BAM BAM BAM BAM  :D
D-Future -
On 18-03-2011 03:41:46, Maximumraver wrote:

De brabantse man doet BAM BAM BAM BAM  :D

 :arr:  :bomb:het is een trommelvlies terrorist  :bomb:  :w00t:
Terror-Japper -
On 18-03-2011 09:57:04, D-Future wrote:  :arr:  :bomb:het is een trommelvlies terrorist  :bomb:  :w00t:

Dat is ie zeker jah  :D

De brabantse man doet BAM BAM BAM BAM  :D

dat doen ze hier in brabant toch bijna allemaal  xD
Gewijzigd door Terror-Japper op 18-03-2011 15:38
greg4850 -
Fear.FM Resident DJ
 :bomb:  (L)
darklime.carnage -
kinda tribute to speedfreak,so i don't follow how this won....  :S variety is reduced by at least 50% (actually even more then that,i mean damn this is a tribute set  :rtfm:) because of using mostly same artist tracks  :-/ however agreed,not bad,if was more varient may be a plus  :thumbsup:
Gewijzigd door darklime.carnage op 06-03-2012 16:45
Maximumraver [Set Editor] -
aka Sloperij Janssen
I already responded in the current tournament thread  :p  ^.^
darklime.carnage -
On 06-03-2012 18:56:46, Maximumraver wrote:

I already responded in the current tournament thread  :p  ^.^

nailed it  ;)
Maximumraver [Set Editor] -
aka Sloperij Janssen
 :thumbsup:  ^.^