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Pleq @ Headphone Commute Mix

Intelligent Dance Music   Ambient

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Lengte: 00:49:28

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Today we are excited to present you with an exclusive mix from Warsaw based producer, Bartosz Dziadosz, known to the world of IDM and electronica simply as Pleq. Comprised mostly of original tracks and remixes from many favorite artists, such as offthesky, Nebulo, Spyweirdos and others, the mix takes you through a somber trip of ups and downs. And although it’s nearly impossible not to mention the devastating disaster in Japan, the music reminds us that life is fragile, and every single moment should be savored as if it was our last.

Styles: Idm / Electronica / Experimental / Ambient / Glitch.


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01. Pleq – Good Night (offthesky Remix)
02. Pleq – Good Night (Go-qualia Lucid Dreamin Non Rem Sleep Mix)
03. Pleq – Swell Bliss (Downtempo Edition)
04. Pleq – Black Dog (feat. hiiro-tent)
05. Pleq – Good Night (Lauki Remix)
06. Pleq + Nebulo – Code Inconnu
07. Pleq – The Ribbon (Nebulo Remix)
08. Pleq – Dark Bullet From The Abyss
09. Pleq – Metamorphosis Pt. 1
10. Pleq – Raindrop (Spyweirdos Remix)
11. Pleq & Anna Rose Carter – A Mirror Sitting