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We Are Enough Records @ Atmospheric Ambient Mix


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"The merge of blogs is taking a bit longer than expected so I will just make a couple of posts here before we finally move on to bigger and possibly better things. Today we are going to talk about an awesome netlabel, We Are Enough Records. They release a lot of stuff ranging from dubstep to ambient and as we are used to with netlabels, it’s all for free. You can however use flattr to give them some money (if you don’t know what flattr is, I will make a post on it later).

This is a very cool mix I found today, it’s has a really relaxed feeling, bit of dronish organic ambient sound with a lot of atmospheric samples."


01. FP – Trace 4 (00:00)
02. Aquarelle – Episódio2 (03:50)
03. Amitron_7 – The Old Man Had Upon His Face an Equation… (07:08)
04. Luis Antero – Ohp 10:00 am (12:35)
05. Jari Pitkänen – Lumien (14:17)
06. Jari Pitkänen – Muistot (19:07)
07. Jari Pitkänen – Nousevat (27:25)
08. Ostin – Dream (30:28)
09. Alterior – Pneumatics (34:50)
10. Infetu – Worm ii (37:04)
11. Joanna – Sen (Insomnia Remix by MOAN) (38:14)

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