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A-Wak @ The Razorfm Show 2


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Alexander Wakim, better known as A-Wak, is a young Hardstyle producer/DJ and has been creating electronic music since the age of 12. He was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, but lived in Dubai for most of his teenage years.
A-Wak has a unique production style, mixing catchy riffs with pumping basslines and euphoric melodies. This will certainly catch the attention of the hardstyle industry, followers and fans. 

Get ready for the new force in the world of Hardstyle!

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01. A-Wak – Get Rocked
02. A-Wak – Music & Rhythm
03. A-Wak – TBA
04. A-Wak – The Essence of Hardstyle
05. A-Wak – F.N.W.
06. A-Wak – Rhapsody
07. A-Wak – TBA
08. A-Wak – Imagination
09. Flarup & Blutonium Boy – U.S.H.M.F. (A-Wak Remix)
10. A-Wak – Distortionz
11. Flarup & A-Wak – Off Your bass
12. A-Wak – The Essence of Hardstyle
13. A-Wak – TBA
14. A-Wak – System Activated
15. A-Wak – Music & Rhythm (Mid-Intro)
16. A-Wak – TBA
17. A-Wak – TBA
18. A-Wak – TBA
19. A-Wak – TBA
20. A-Wak – TBA

Nitrogen -
It's no problem for me
14. A-Wak – System Activated  :L  :L  :L  :L  :L  :L  :L

Rest i dont know  :D

K-Star -
05. A-Wak – F.N.W.
14. A-Wak – System Activated

Curious to listen this set !
Gewijzigd door K-Star op 09-04-2011 10:34
Bor3aL -
I'm very curious Dude !
timdewilde -
what a refreshing sounds!! the whole set can be characterized as one of high quality mixing, new and diverse sounds, fat kicks, nice reverze basses.
If A-wak reads this forum I would recommend him to contact the digital age contest because he makes a serious chance with his out of the box producing skills.
HardstyleGermany -
I will ask him timdewilde, for sure!
Waldo -
On 09-04-2011 10:21:58, K-Star wrote:

05. A-Wak – F.N.W.
14. A-Wak – System Activated

Curious to listen this set !

agree, F.N.W. and System Activated - best ones  :)
ZeroGravity -
The Heretic
nice tracks  :D
D-Mind -
That track at 40:00..  :worship:
HardstyleGermany -
by A-Wak:

"This is really cool =) I also just found about this contest 3 days ago and have been working on a track for it!
I really appreciate the support and you guys belief – Ill try my hardest to win for you guys!"
Duruz -
10. A-Wak – Distortionz

blijft toch ook baas he, met die mid-intro
Mexx -
Thalion Heru | Evil Adrenaline
Zo'n lekkere mix  :D.