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Technico @ Pounding Sounds 12


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Citizen - People wont like this (the KGB`s remix)
Pounding Kamui Mash-up
Dark Oscillators - Trapped
Dj Stone - Local Loop
Likquid and Kayem - Thugz on dub
Pau DJ - Addicted to the Bass (classical mix)
Gentalica - Thunderstyle
Rephex and ABW - Dangerous Danes (Rephexs dangerous mix)
Deepack - Here`s Johnny medley with Klone - Revisit the Lair
Tatanka - GTP (Tby mix)
Luna and DM - the Scene
Francesco Zeta - Fairyland

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Tatanka - GTP (Tby mix)  :worship:  :W  :W
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On 11-12-2008 12:58:20, Q-DanCe__ wrote:

Tatanka - GTP (Tby mix)  :worship:  :W  :W

 :worship:  (L)
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phat mix love the intro  :yay:  :yay: