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Nicco & Desudo @ Fausto's Crossover Week 18

Hardtrance   Hardstyle

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This Zippyshare link is the mix in full without Jingles, simply the set we sent to Fausto.

Huge thank you to Fausto for allowing us this unbelievable opportunity! An amazing feeling being part of something so big and well respected!!!

Link with Faustos intro and Jingles through the set =

Link for just the mix =

Intro from Fausto and our mix in full quality =

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01. Show Me Love Intro
02. BRK3 - BRK FR33 [Tranzlation]
03. Sa.Vee.Oh - Electro Bass [Hard With Style]
04. Kidd Kaos - Bleep Bleep (ASYS Remix) [K405 Records]
05. Euphoria - After All (KloneZ Remix) [Free Giveaway]
06. Anne Savage & Lisa Lashes - Release Me (In2ition Remix) [Siren Trax]
07. Dark By Design - Overload (Original)
08. Audio Damage & Luke Spellbound - Protect (Brian M vs Mcbunn) [Aussie Hardstyle Recordz]
09. Toneshifterz - Get Loaded [Fusion Records]
10. Tatarola - Who Is Calling (Zenith DJ Edit) [Trance Communications Records]
11. Dutchmaster - Take Some [Dutch Master Workz]
12. DJ Thera & Geck-o - Do The Happy Face [Theracords]
13. Delete - 88mph [Spoontech Records]
14. DHHD - Funky Shit (Degos & Re-Done Remix) [Hooligan]
15. Jones & B-Front - Lunatick (Noisecontrollers Remix)
16. Alex Zombie & Andy Hazard - Elevate (Delete Remix) [Infexious Hardstyle]
17. DJ Thera & Geck-o - Hysteria (Hysteria Outdoor 2010 Anthem) [Theracords]

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