Shoutbox: [00:19] ProPodziemie: But ok, I will show a minimum of interest.  xD It's boring, weak, poor arrangement, unless 100 percent this someone created it on some synthesizer without ready presets, then it would be... with some small potential, small, but significant. My rating 3/10  =]

Kopfschrank @ Summer Warm Up 2010


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Frenchcore yeeahhh ^^
Like it ore not....:P

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01_Pattern J - Robotsex
02_Kriptonik - Tribecore X-Perience
03_Adrenokrome - All Hood
04_La Crush aka Beatcrusher - Once Again
05_Paranoize - Insipid
06_Kix - Fucking church
07-Dj Mutante - Name of the Game
08_Rbmz - Underwold
09_Psiko - Atmosfear
10_Exode - Ultimate But
11_ Patarak - la résurection hard tech son de teuf
12_The Braindrillerz - Fight music

Brain -
fette shit ... download it geht ab da  :D  ;)
Linda7-8-88 -
This really is your best set till now  :thumbsup2:!!

I love it  (L) !!