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Meccano Twins @ Hardcore Italia Podcast 09


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1. Meccano Twins - Delta Release
2. Promo & The Wishmaster - Real Rude
3. Meccano Twins - Gamma Release
4. Spl & Ophidian - Subconscious
5. Unexist - Don't Exist
6. Mad Dog - The Core
7. Meccano Twins - Pain & Fear
8. D-Passion - Done Talking
9. Meccano Twins - Ignite
10. Angerfist & Tieum - Just Know
11. E-Noid - Order Chaos (Cleaned Up by Meccano Twins)
12. Meccano Twins - Combustion
13. Traxtorm Gangstaz Allied - The Hardest (TRSE Creatures Remix)
14. The Sickest Squad & Lenny Dee - Strike

Guido -
Nomnom  :hungry:
K-Cin -
Belgians do it better !
Meccano Twins  :worship:  :worship:
Knomo -
Why? Because fuck you, thats why
Kijk  :worship:
Addict -
Boks -
javi_centralero -
MECCANO TWINS  :thumbsup2:  :thumbsup2:  :thumbsup2:  :thumbsup2:

JOSE SENDRA & CRISTIAN NARDELLI  :worship:  :worship:  :worship:  :worship:  :worship:
j0rrit -
Dit zijn setjes  :yay:  :worship:
Morbid_Angel -
Fino alla Fine!
Just Know & Don't Exist  :thumbsdown:
Rest is good/bearable
boerenlater -
Why? Because fuck you, thats why
I love the HC Italia podcasts!
Remm -
Niet normaal!!! Eindelijk Meccano Twins  :)
j0rrit -
On 13-05-2011 18:24:53, Morbid_Angel wrote:

Just Know & Don't Exist  :thumbsdown:
Rest is good/bearable

Go wash your mouth....
The_Constructor -
Hardcore Italia  :L
Gewijzigd door The_Constructor op 13-05-2011 20:35
javi_centralero -
Morbid_Angel -
Fino alla Fine!
On 13-05-2011 20:26:40, j0rrit wrote:


Go wash your mouth....

lol the 2 I singled out are really bad. The rest is quite good OR bearable. As in some are good, some are okay.
Gave it a neutral for the two poor ones.
HC Italia Podcast are so good.!  :thumbsup:
darklime.carnage -
better than their previous HCIT podcast