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Abyss & Judge @ Hard.FM X-Mas Sessions 2008


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1. The KGB's - Yerba Diabolika (TBY Mix)
2. Sylenth & Glitch - Music In You (Scope DJ Loves The Reverse Bass Remix)
3. Tuneboy - Dirty (Wildstylez Remix)
4. Beat Providers - Darkest Dreams
5. Williams Syndrome - Limbo
6. Project One - Rate Reducer
7. Zany vs. Noisecontrollers - Delomelancum
8. Abyss & Judge - Shadows
9. Technoboy - Next Dimensional World (Qlimax 2008 Anthem)
10. Abyss & Judge - Rapture
11. The Prophet - Chubby
12. Zany ft. HarmoniK - Evolution
13. Abyss & Judge - No Escape
14. Abyss & Judge - Another World
15. Showtek ft. DV8 - Hold Us Back
16. Antifact - Path Of Righteousness
17. Abyss & Judge - Rok It

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