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D-Mind @ Hard.FM Presents. Global Hardstyle The Xmas Show


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01. D-Mind - Christmas 2008 (Intro Mix)
02. Vinganza vs. Perfect10 - Our Turn (D-Mind Remix)
03. Audio Damage - T.I.W.U.G.
04. Williams Syndrome - Thunder
05. Neh'Kron - Cursum Perficio v2
06. D-Mind vs. Dfuzion - Fissure (Original Mix)
07. D-Mind - The Eye (Plancak Remix)
08. D-Mind vs. Zleipt - Travel
09. D-Mind vs. Wavolizer - Identify (Original Mix)
10. Audio Damage - Rave Zone
11. Mos Phat - Infectious
12. Dark Oscillators - Trapped (Scantinato Mix)
13. Rephex & Abw - Nuclear (Rephex's Radioactive Mix)

m4a1 -
On 27-12-2008 20:08:33, D-Mind wrote:

On 27-12-2008 17:20:44, m4a1 wrote:

Mos Phat  :worship:  :worship:

 :worship:  :worship:

Back in the old days, when i was a kazaa/p2p noob, i had this as: Donkey Rollers - Problems, listened to it almost every day  ^.^
mpm16 -
02. Vinganza vs. Perfect10 - Our Turn (D-Mind Remix)

zo lkkr !!
Nois3controll3r -
 :yay: unbelievable set Patrick  :) i'm on Holiday atm,so i couldn't listen to it till now  :) amazing set!!!
Tobi -
Really great set!
i've heard it yesterday and wiiiiooo ^^
HarryVanDeTap -
deze is top, alleen beetje bout van die kerstmis intro terlkens als ik m nu luister denk ik huh kerstmis  :p
Nois3controll3r -
 (L) still love it to hear it on my mobile  :yay:
loser -
Nice.. good job  :thumbsup2:

Aaaah this set is too good. It deserves to be a  :bomb:  :yay:
Pithune -
Mass Vibrant
On 30-10-2009 05:55:07, Nois3controll3r wrote:

(L) still love it to hear it on my mobile  :yay:

Your avatar  :L
Glumex -
04. Williams Syndrome - Thunder
07. D-Mind - The Eye (Plancak Remix)
TheReckless -
party shadow boxer
4 x file not found, zippy pl0x