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Lengte: 01:00:00
Gestemd door: djdesudo Knomo Maximumraver alcafire Legolas bass.t.o.r.m. Vazard mazzanotti TheUnit cjfozz Orbi resreqt BeatDestroyers Vioda benm77 SchizeQ X-Pander Vector heny TheXQz Ivanow Billy-Balzak K-Star petre_ dreos1337 TheGame1492 Qane TheKing CrazyDutchMan Micha82 AlTwisted kardar Noiser69 Double-T r.H. JNKz Scooby-Doo Odyssee Lucato boerenlater Timmeehh [deleted user] ZeroTTD UnholyMessias mudkipz Ensuna icey2 lawless29 bastijn bangin_benee Pithune balons eMule sjawel minddrug Jipdenk FullEffect pitchan ConcretePL EviLiv steviedoyle Gremios SimonBelmont Smokey korni007 Mr.Johnny.Napalm Ghostface cval96 Pluiz beazleybumfluff zuxco Nicco naphyron_E NaeosPsy swislii Merda DjThera ThomA Ramstyler View all ratings
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1. Noisecontrollers vs Vamper - Unite Light (delete's anti-anthem mash) 
2. Zany & Ran-D - Son Of Torture (delete vocal edit) 
3. Catatonic Overload - Goddamn Overtime (Delete's Mash Up) 
4. Digital Abuse - Gate To Hell (Vazard Remix) [Delete's Edit] 
5. ST - Popped & Locked (Vazard & Delete Remix) 
6. Donkey Rollers - Silver Bullet (Toneshifterz Remix) 
7. Vazard - Zimmersion
8. Delete - Formula
9. DJ Thera - Disturbia
10. Vazard - Portals & Potatoes
11. Donkey Rollers - We Are One (Delete's POWER edit)
12. Alex Zombie & Andy Hazard - Elevate (Delete Remix) 
13. Vazard - Tear Apart
14. Delete - Pulse (Catatonic Overload Remix) 
15. Delete - Eden
16. Kodex - Insomnia (The Machine Remix)
17. Adaro & Phrantic - Bang Shit Of Terror (Delete Mash Up) 
18. High Voltage & VA - No Turning Changes (Delete Mash Up) 
19. Prefix & Density vs Phuture Noize - Outrageous Warning (Delete Mash Up)  

djdesudo -
Gearbox Owns The Night
On 11-07-2011 00:00:16, steviedoyle wrote:

I'll take oppers quote.



Still, this stuff is better than other hardstyle you hear.

Did you not enjoy the set mate?
steviedoyle [Set Editor] -
Life begins at 140
Nah not really mate. The mash ups were quite good, but i didnt really enjoy the tracks in general.
Some were ok, but not really to my taste.
SimonBelmont -
Epic stuff  :worship:
X-Pander -
OMG  :thumbsup2:  :worship:
Micha82 -
awesome!  :worship:
zuxco -
that is so SICK!
in a positive way, of course  ;)
Nicco -
Wasnt that impressed with this, couple of decent tunes but not worth listening to more than once.
Jro_ -
alles begint bij Headhunterz
On 14-07-2011 22:46:36, Nicco wrote:

Wasnt that impressed with this, couple of decent tunes but not worth listening to more than once.

swislii -
WTF!!! Made a account just to give a reaction, goddamn what a epic set. Just got yourself a fan.
16:30min - 19:45min LOVE IT!
NaeosPsy -
07. Vazard - Zimmermission was nice.

I have listened to this set 6 times, still sounds cool.
swislii -
Listened to this set 20 times and still 100 to go  :D
Merda -
Epic mix  :yay:
Merda -
Epic mix  :yay:
Gewijzigd door Merda op 04-08-2011 23:01
Delete -
Thanks for all your comments guys, it means a lot!  :)
Jipdenk -
07. Vazard - Zimmermission
07. Vazard - Zimmersion
ThomA -
ooh myyy gooood! massive!  :worship:  :bomb:
Ramstyler -
Turn on...Tune in...Drop..Out!!!
The mash-ups at the beginning and some tracks really worked on my nerves.
But when Formula starts everything sounds better.