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DJ Thera @ Gearbox Hardstation.FM


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1. Geck-o - Forces Of The Universe
2. Log One vs Noizy Boyz - Reaper (DJ Thera Hardertrance Remix)
3. Ultrasonic - Ultrabass
4. DJ Thera - Clash!
5. The DizZorder & R-Tillary - Fluffy
6. Geck-o - I Eat Woofers
7. Delete - Formula
8. Chain Reaction - Victime (DJ Thera Remix)
9. Catatonic Overload - Overtime
10. Prefix - Outrageous (Phuture Noize Remix)
11. Catatonic Overload - Goddamn
12. DJ Thera vs Geck-o - Help Help (DJ Thera Mix)
13. DJ Thera - Disturbia
14. Geck-o & The Undoing - This Is It
15. Wavolizer - Done
16. Tymon - Gucci
17. D-Passion - Different Frequencies

kardar -
can't wait to blast my ears with this beauty  :)
Vioda -
 :bomb:  :bomb:
icey2 -
Fuckin sweet music! Great stuff  :)
Hardov -
 _O-  _O-  _O-  :yes:  :yes:  :yes:
Morango -
What is real?
bang!  :bomb:
resreqt -
why the fuck they have not got him over for defqon in australia has me confused?

sick of faggoty music...

qdance better start bringing over more of this stuff!

what an excellent way to end the set!
DjPractice -
when you play for other non-Q parties in NL, Q doesnt usually book you (eg. playing at things like Ground Zero and Dance Valley) - Sucks i know but its how it is - but that may change soon since he is booked at Qontinent  :)

nice HC at the end of this  :)
The_Hidden -
Ghaarrrr mateys
godvers wat een set  :D! DAMNIT
alberlineo -
great set
e.deitas -
Nice as hell!  :yay:  :bomb:
Maximumraver [Set Editor] -
aka Sloperij Janssen
Held  :worship: