Shoutbox: [17:46] pointlesspoint: Another, older dance performance about (hardcore) techno:

Dean Zone & Ben Bennett @ Event Horizon 028


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This is my Event Horizon Radio Show, broadcast on the Hard Dance channel of DI.FM in November 2008.

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01. Loki - Triton
02. Du Monde - Ich Will Raus (Alphazone Vs. Ralph Novell Remix)
03. Dj Dean - Power System (Luca Antolini Remix)
04. Brooklyn Bounce - Get Ready To Bounce Recall 08 (Petersen Vs. Gainworx Remix)
05. Jtb Vs. Dj The Corbz - Cosmos
06. Above - The One
07. Rik Steinberg Vs. Dark By Design - Zero Tolerance (The Sixth Sense Remix)
08. Iridium - Daybreak (Sully Remix)
09. Phil York - Glide (Dark By Design Remix)
10. Fausto - Lupara (Nutty T Remix)
11. Ben Bennett - Unknown