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Hardnoize @ Early Hardcore As It Should Be

Early Hardcore

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Early Hardcore As It Should Be mixed By DJ Hardnoize

Gestemd door: hardnoize


1 Lenny Dee Vs DJ Paul- Anti-Procastination
2 Simstim- One 100 & two 100
3 Hard Attack- Way Aah(Oh Oh Omar Mix)
4 Inferno Bros.- Slaves To The Rave(Neophyte Remix)
5 Chosen few- Name Of The DJ
6 Charly Lownoise & Mental theo- Berlin…..Kick’M !!!!
7 Distortion & MC Raw Vs Bass D & King Matthew- Lost Zehn
8 Stunned Guys- Love Really Sucks
9 Omar Santana- Step The Fuck Back
10 DJ Rob- Caveman
11 Lenny Dee & Darkraver- Toda Rhythm
12 T.O.P.D.R.O.P.- Achtung
13 Tripax- What The Fuck Are You Laughing At?
14 The Speedfreak- Fickmusic
15 Sons Of Aliens- So F…ing What!
16 Rave Parade- Kiss The Fucking Charly & Theo Goodbye
17 Tripax- Rumble Fuckers
18 Ech Heftag!- De Haag Hakke!!
19 Omar Santana- Da Joint(Oh Oh Omar Santana Mix)
20 DJ 8 Mix- Hardiness
21 Dip- Sharpin Noise
22 Kill Your Mother- Jesus Must Die
23 Evil Maniax- We Are The Creators Of Hardcore(Rob Gee Speed Mix)
24 Nasty Django- Hardcore Muthafucka
25 Buzz Fuzz- Countdown
26 Riot Squad II- Gabberkeisen
27 DJ Jordens Vs Flamman & Abraxas- Sarin
28 Fear Factory- T-1000(Dano Remix)
29 Thomas E- From The Mind Of Ruben Hamshore
30 DJ Hardnoize- In Our Dreams
31 The Man In Black- Say Goodbye
32 Rob Gee- Gabber Up your Ass
33 DJ Hardnoize- Theresa De Poolse Bitch
34 The Bunko Squad- Watch’em Al Drop
35 Delta 9- No More Regrets
36 G-Town Madness- Hellscratcher
37 Kenny Gee- Punch Paka
38 Hellfish Vs Producer- Do Ya Like?
39 Stickhead & don Demon- Demonhead
40 Disciples Of Annihilation- Ya mutha
41 Nasenbluten- Cocksucker