Shoutbox: [00:19] ProPodziemie: But ok, I will show a minimum of interest.  xD It's boring, weak, poor arrangement, unless 100 percent this someone created it on some synthesizer without ready presets, then it would be... with some small potential, small, but significant. My rating 3/10  =]

Fragany @ Wonderworld III


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first time i was dj at a party, so be gentil  :p

Althoughi think most of the people enjoyed it there, hope you all do too

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Diss Reaction - Yieehhaa(angerfist rmx)
Genesis Project - World grid
EST - Listen 2 that noise
Al twisted - bite the street
Dolphin & the Teknoist - Power without form
The Outside Agency & Fracture 4 - Manhunt 2
Tripped - War of sexes
Mutante - Lick my crack
Dolfphin - Disco shit
unknown song(ref. Kriss Damage)
Liquid Blasted - Wicked games
Partyraiser & the Negotiator - No negotiations
Partyraiser & Dj Triax - Massacre
The Speed freak - Gunja-bonus-sex
Negative A - Koksoccer Fuck You (Angernoizer Remix)
Akira - No more music
Frazzbass - Throwing them bones
The Speed Freak - Usefull lesson (extreme pitch)
Noisekick - I wanna cut
SRB - Technical malfuntion
Abel - Onderweg (short one)

H2TC -
TL ziet er goed uit  :thumbsup: