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Fragany @ Wonderworld III


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first time i was dj at a party, so be gentil  :p

Althoughi think most of the people enjoyed it there, hope you all do too

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Diss Reaction - Yieehhaa(angerfist rmx)
Genesis Project - World grid
EST - Listen 2 that noise
Al twisted - bite the street
Dolphin & the Teknoist - Power without form
The Outside Agency & Fracture 4 - Manhunt 2
Tripped - War of sexes
Mutante - Lick my crack
Dolfphin - Disco shit
unknown song(ref. Kriss Damage)
Liquid Blasted - Wicked games
Partyraiser & the Negotiator - No negotiations
Partyraiser & Dj Triax - Massacre
The Speed freak - Gunja-bonus-sex
Negative A - Koksoccer Fuck You (Angernoizer Remix)
Akira - No more music
Frazzbass - Throwing them bones
The Speed Freak - Usefull lesson (extreme pitch)
Noisekick - I wanna cut
SRB - Technical malfuntion
Abel - Onderweg (short one)

H2TC -
TL ziet er goed uit  :thumbsup: