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ALX @ Hearts Beat Hard, Episode 1


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Lengte: 00:59:55

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1. Tuneboy - Mood To Swing
2. E-Force - Dream Village
3. Isaac - Bring The Club Down
4. Geck-O - Dancing Machine
5. TNT - Dial T For TNT
6. The Opposites - Licht Uit (Coone Remix)
7. D-Block & S-Te-Fan vs Deepack - The Dream Goes On
8. TNT - Club Shock Anthem
9. Da Tweekaz - People Against Porn
10. Burn Soldier and Artemis - History Of Hardstyle
11. Bioweapon - Bass Power
12. Zatox - Unborn
13. Code Black - Vision
14. Waverider - Limitless
15. The R3belz - Open Your Mind
16. Ran-D and Redixx - Until We Meet Again

Enjoy the first episode of my new podcast  ;)
Zwockstyle -
hear,love and live your Sound
hey Man  :thumbsup2:.... its sweet and yummy sound  :yay:... ist funny to listen your mixing  :worship:.....
jediny -
Même s'il y a pour moi trop de titres 'only for the girl' ^^ le Mix est super  :thumbsup:
Héhé, c'est vrai que ce premier épisode est très "happy" (si on peut dire ça comme ça), ça devrait moins être le cas dans les prochains, rassure toi.  ;)

Thanks for your votes and your comment, I really appreciate.  :D
Zwockstyle -
hear,love and live your Sound
Please, please, please ........ I can not wait to listen to episode 2  :yes:
the second episode will comes in two or three weeks  ;)

thank you to wait and share the first !
Gewijzigd door ALX op 19-11-2011 16:08
Zwockstyle -
hear,love and live your Sound
Yes..... hmmm nice nice I'm excited  :thumbsup:
Gewijzigd door ALX op 03-12-2011 00:15
alberlineo -
 :thumbsup2:  :thumbsup2:  :thumbsup2:  :thumbsup2: