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Sine-D @ Hardstyle vol. 1


Toegevoegd door: Sine-D @
Laatst gewijzigd door: Sine-D @

Lengte: 01:03:33
Gestemd door: Sine-D SchizeQ Ivanow Regain Kona_Black ..ADEN.. ConcretePL hardcorebabe Lucato jediny Sektum Danes Chaotic_Spirit BlakeDj SirConceptz Piet-R76
Favoriet van: Sektum


1.Alphaverb And The Machine - Chemistry Of Sound
2.B-Front - Inner Creativity
3.Zatox And Zany - Oldskool
4.DJ Thera Vs Geck-O - Ding Dong
5.Titan - Remember Me
6.Toneshifterz - Cant Fail
7.Coone Feat. Deepack - Code
8.High Voltage And B-Front - Everything Changes
9.Catatonic Overload - Goddamn
10.Mic-e - Age Of Freedom (Vortex And Impakt 2011 RMX)
11.Toneshifterz - Get Loaded
12.Dhhd - Funky Shit (Degos And Re - Dones Skuimbek Mix)
13.Gunz For Hire - Evolution Complete
14.Josh And Wesz - G-Force
15.Crypsis - Gangsta Shit
16.The Anarchist - Battlescarz
17.Acti Zeta - Malefix (Extended Mix)
18.TNT Aka. Technoboy n Tuneboy - Dial T For TNT


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