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Tommyknocker ft. Unexist - Ghost Rider

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Gereleased in: 2014
Album: Before You Go [TRAX0128]


We gonna stomp 'em out, gut 'em out, run 'em out
Gut 'em out, run 'em out

Focused towards one enemy
I know that a lot of people use ghost writers
I asked the public, how do you feel about ghost writers?
95% of the people that wrote me back were like
Look, if that's not really you then, what the fuck?
I'm not constrained by that
Con people that believe in you, that some sick motherfucker is real
Portrayed like a big fraud
That's what it is

I'm not going to tell you how to fuck your wife for 2 minutes
Don't tell me how to create the best music in the world
I'm cursed like Cain when he murdered his brother
Cut your face off and wear it while I'm fucking your mother

Other people's teeth in my hands after a fist fight

We gonna stomp 'em out, gut 'em out, run 'em out

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