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Outblast - Superhero Complex

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Gereleased in: 2012
Album: Superhero Complex [MOHDIGI039]


This was the year he fell to pieces
This one here for me and my superhero complex

Superhero complex

This was the year he fell to pieces
And ironically
This was the year when more people than he knew even existed, scrambled to put him back together again
And as they tried, they didn't notice that he was smiling
Smiling his ass off, no pun intended
Oh, what have we become?
Oh, what have you become?

And yo the music ain't loud enough
I can still hear the voices in your head
The choices that chosen to choose temporarily impaired me
I'm terribly proud, if you don't turn it up louder, I'm breaking out

I never wore the fashions of the know what I'm doing
But there won't be no alarm when we sound up the movement
The music ain't loud enough!

I face the sun when I talk
Not allowed to kick the feet up and sleep until it's done
And I'll hold his hand as I walk
I'm across the street I got caught inside of a self taught it just don't stop

This was the year he fell to pieces

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