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Tha Playah -

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Gereleased in: 2003
Album: Neophyte Records Sampler Vol. 2 Vinyl [NEO 020]


All you motherfuckers are gonna pay
You are the ones who are the ball-lickers
We're gonna fuck your mothers while you watch and cry like little whiny bitches
Once we find those fucks
We're gonna make 'em eat our shit
Then shit out our shit
Then eat their shit which is made up of our shit that we made 'em eat
And then you're all you motherfucks are next

I make that shit work

I am the master of the clit
Remember this fucking face
Whenever you see clit, you'll see this fucking face
No one rules the clit like me
Not this little fuck
None of you little fucks out there

I make that shit work

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