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The Masochist & Chosen Few - More Drugz (Caine Remix)

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Gereleased in: 2001
Album: The Ninth Gate Vinyl


We did it all, we did it all
We did whatever we could get our hands on back in the seventies
We did fucking handfuls of mushrooms, pills,
Ludes, coke
Whatever it was, we just fucking swallowed it, ok
That's what we did!

And I'll tell you something else right now
I have the solution to the drug problem in this country
Nobody wants to hear it, but I have it
Not less drugs, more drugs
Get more drugs, and give 'em the right fucking people

Yeah, I'd like to do some cocaine
I'd like to do a drug that makes my penis small
Makes my nose bleed
Makes my heart explode
And sucks all my money out of the bank
As impossible playings

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