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Hellfish - Deck Fuel (Adventures For The Sonically Deprivated)

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Gereleased in: 1999
Album: Violent Works Of Art EP [PKG 06]


The-the-the chameleon
Hey, hey, hey
What's the big idea?
Who are you?

Get out, get out of the car, both of you
-No, wait a minute
I'm not in the habbit of waiting, get out
Come on, make it fast
Alright, I'll help y'all
-You're breaking my arm

It's only a sample, come on, miss Rodling
-I'm-I'm-I'm coming
That's better
Jack, it's the fellow with the - the one who was on the road
No, I'm seeing things, it can't be
You're not seeing things, not quite certain what your game is, but I can image it isn't on the level

Jack, here's a gun
Put your hands up or I'll shoot
You think that little pearl-handle toy frightens me
Get your hands up or I'll let you have it, stand back I said!
Too bad you couldn't see those bullets bouncing off my chest
A pretty sight
-Jack, jack, he's still standing!

Well, six shots, that means the gun's empty

You subconcious (...) monster, more death stories
More murdering (?X)

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