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Bass-D & King Matthew - True Legends

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Gereleased in: 2001
Album: True Legends [MOH-SP04]


I have heard enough of your crap
You're doing nothing, but telling everyone in this arena lies, lies and more lies
But I still stood toe to toe with you, mister hardcore legend
Everything I ever wanted to be, and everything I've ever become, is because of you

Look at yourself
You better look up to somebody
You ought a look up to me
As well as anybody as, without me, you would be a nobody
There wouldn't even be hardcore in this country
I am the true hardcore individual

I used to look up to you
As I said, I used to idolize you
You were a legend
I thought you were timeless
But the truth is, you're oldschool
And I represent everything that's a threat to you
I'm gonna grab the hardcore title and that hardcore torch
Raise them both high and claim my rightful spot as leader of the new hardcore revolution

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