Shoutbox: [12:18] BertusBaklip: Ik zal de discussie nog ff aanwakkeren. Het was gewoon een trackachtig bestand van Nvitral zelf, zonder uberhaupt een naam, die hij live editte. Helaas dus sws nergens te vinden.

B-Front & High Voltage - The 4th kind

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Gereleased in: 2013
Album: The 4th Kind


In 1972 a scale of measurement was established for alien encounters
This scale consists of four kinds

The first kind: sighting

The second kind: evidence

[radio speaks]

Evidence gathered from around the world points to extraterrestrial visitation
Describing a self-luminous object about the size of the moon
The third kind: contact

The fourth kind: abduction

An encounter of the fourth kind

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