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Promo - Everything Gained, Nothing To Lose

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Gereleased in: 2004
Album: Take It Personal [T3RDM 0054]


What is the point of turning this record backwards to hear what the fuck I'm saying?
Was that really, did you really need to know what the fuck I'm saying to you right now?
Let me tell you what I'm fucking saying to you
There is no point for this fucking cut on this fucking record
It's going backwards to see who is an idiot and to see what I am saying
Did that make sense?
Because this cut does not make any sense
You are spinning this record around and saying "man, I feel like a big dick for spinning this record the other way around to hear what this asshole is telling me"
So, when you bought the record, I hope you enjoyed it
And never listen to a record that spins backwards again

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