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Enzyme X - Nathaniel

Track details

Gereleased in: 2011
Album: Nathaniel / Superfly [ENZYME X 32]


Nathaniel (?X)
Nathaniel is missing

Nathaniel (?X)

Nathaniel, you never have been here
Nathaniel. I'm here, Nathaniel
You're not there, Nathaniel
You never have been here
You never will be here
My voice is all there is
-Everything's fine
Follow my voice, Nathaniel
-Tune up and play

I can hear your thoughts, Nathaniel
They can hear your thoughts, Nathaniel

Hey, Nathaniel!

Nathaniel, are you finding this piece to be beyond your abilities?

Nathaniel (?X)

Nathaniel, are you flying that plane?
-Uhm no, I'm right here

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