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Donny - Ten Tonne Hammer (Katharsys Remix)

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Gereleased in: 2011
Album: Revolt & Riot [GILLALP01]


He tied him up
Stabbed him in the left carotid artery
Used his 16 inch carbon steel bone saw to separate his limbs

Divided them equally Amongst six biodegradable trash bags
Which are long gone now

You're lying
-Usually, not now, no point
Why would you have done such a thing?
-Oh I have my excuses and justifications, but really I just need to, like you
I don't believe you
-You have your flimsy excuses, but really you're just

A killer
A monster
Stuff of nightmares

Stuff of nightmares

A monster

Stuff of nightmares [2x]

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