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Noize Suppressor - Pole Position (Masters Of Hardcore 2009 Anthem)

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Gereleased in: 2009
Album: Masters of Hardcore 28 - 2CD [MOHCD2028]


Pole position
Pole pole position
[many x, distorted]

Pole [many x, distorted]
Fucking pole position!

I've got my feet on the peddle!

Fucking pole position!

It's come to the perfect time for the race
A hard sport, for a hard age
Millions watch the raw footage streamed live over the net
The drivers are convincts and the rules are simple
It's kill, or be killed...

I've got a need for speed!

We are in the pole position!
We are the fucking pole position!
We are in the pole position!
Fucking pole position!

I cross the fucking finish!

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