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Green Velvet - Flash (Nicky Romero Remix)

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Gereleased in: 2000
Album: Green Velvet - Green Velvet


Good evening parents,
tonight I gonna take you on a tour of Club Bad
where all the bad kiddy's go,
try to leave there body's,
by various means of methods,
anything necessary,
some things that you quite be acustomed to,
so I think we'll put each and everyone of you,
with your own individual,
on the camera,
so that you can take pictures of these bad little kiddy's,
doin' these bad little things,
for tomorrows paper,
so whip out your fifthteen dollars and prepare to enter Club Bad

Wouldn't you know it, not here more than thirty seconds
and already I see a bad little kid doin' bad little things,
he is sucking on a balloon,
now, this is not an ordinary balloon, parents,
it's a balloon filled with the gas called nitrous oxide, laughing gas,
hi hi hi hi, ha ha,
but this is no laughing matter,
cameras ready, prepare to flash

Now overhere we have lil' Johnny and Miss Sue,
smokin' on a joint,
this is not the thing to do,
I think we have to take pictures of these two,
cameras ready, prepare to flash

Now overhere we have some naughty naughty kids,
they brought in they're own liquor, to the party,
now we cannot have that parents can we?
Six packs and Pipes, I think not, so,
cameras ready, prepare to flash

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