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Tartaros & Juized - The Dungeon

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Gereleased in: 2012
Album: The Dungeon [TMS007]



The dungeon

The darkness

Darkness [?x]

The dungeon
There is a door that leads to a hidden passageway
Travelled by only the few brave enough
To face the darkest of sorcerers
The footsteps echo in the corridor
As sparks of light dance in the distance

The shadows dancing on the walls
Giving us only a glimpse to what awaits us
In the darkness of our lives
We cast the spells that illuminate our very souls
The forces unexplainable that bind us together
In a world that will forever keep us guessing (guessing [2x])

The dungeon

Those who resist the temptation of the dark
Are never the same when they return to the light
With only a few steps left, with the shadows beckoning you to follow
You are left with a choice
Do you leave now?
Or are you ready for your life to be changed forever? (forever [2x])

The darkness

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