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Neophyte - Mainiak

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Gereleased in: 2011
Album: Mainiak Chapter.1 [MYDCD004]


Back on the attack

Goddamn, the creator
Not the imitator

The core is in his soul
A maniac psycho
In the land of the maniac psycho
Neophyte, are you ready to go?

Pou-pou-pound that shit

Clearing your mind
Ripping the speakers

A maniac psycho

Mind of a maniac


Damn right, I'm a maniac

Sound familiar?
Yo, this is the new album
If you don't like it
Get the fuck outta here if you don't like it
Of course you gonna fucking like it
And I'm telling you, this shit is fucking good
If you don't fucking like it, I'm gonna come over to where you fucking live
And I'm gonna fucking put the CD on
And if you still don't like it
And I'm gonna take the CD-player outta my fuck-, outta your CD-drive
And I'm gonna (...), you will see, fucking bash it up against your fucking head until you like it
You know what I'm saying, so you better fucking like it

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