Tomcat - Cannibal Power

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Gereleased in: 2013
Album: Cannibal Power


Ladies and gentlemen, friends
I am speaking with you now because if I wait until later
You will be too drunk to hear my voice

You are a nobody
Drunk, silly man

Look at me

You want to kill me for that drunk, silly man?
I can't sleep!
I can't think!
Where is he!?

You want to kill me for-

Drunk, silly man

They take you to a tree
And they hang you by your skin
Each time you scream
The evil comes out of you
Sometimes it can take three days
For your evil to be spent

The British say I am a cannibal
The American would say I am a madman
I am a cannibal, huh?
I am a madman, a cannibal
These are lies!

We are an independent nation living in peace
And economic power (power [?x])

Cannibal power

You want to kill me


Cannibal power

Like all you people

These are lies!

You want to kill me

But a man who shows fear, he is a weak

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