Art of Fighters - Nirvana Of Noise (Dominator 2011 Anthem)

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Gereleased in: 2011
Album: Nirvana Of Noise (Official Dominator 2011 Anthem)


Welcome to the Nirvana Of Noise


Once a year it reveals itself
Determined and without any concession
For the ignorant majority a tormenting place
For the true believer the ultimate destination
A glimpse of afterlife
Welcome to the Nirvana Of Noise

A glimpse of afterlife


Welcome to the Nirvana Of Noise


The Nirvana Of Noise

Hell yeah
I was on vacation, went to Netherlands
And stopped into that Dominator, Nirvana Of Noise
It's some crazy sons of bitches, man
That music was freaking wild
It's kinda sexy
From the makers of Music Gone Wild, it's Dominator, Nirvana Of Noise
Off to Nether-Netherlands
-Is that like neverland?
-Off to never-neverland?
Nirvana Of Noise
Girls rock your boys
Dominator, Nirvana Of Noise
You can buy your ticket now, or wait 'till they're sold out
And you have to give some scalper a blow job to even get into the parking lot
If you thought nirvana was all about Kurt Cobain blowing his fucking head off with a shotgun
You're right
But this is Dominator

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